Project 1.1


General Dry docking of Oil Tanker @ ASREY Ship Yard Bahrain

After heavely grouding direct in to Dry Dock for Repair Bottem Damage. After inspection we found out big crack and holes in bottom plating.

Bottem Damaged / Class Renewal Hull plating

Change prop shaft and renewal prop blades during 5 yearly specical survey Classe Item.

Class inspection tail shaft, 5 yearly

Prop renewals after damage / grounding

Dry docking Self propeld Cutter Dredger. Major repair and modification of self propeld cutter dradger plus special survey 5 yearly.

Dry docking Self propeld Cutter Dredger. Removal of cutter ladder and major overhaul and repair of cutter ladder.

Dry docking of container carrier @ floating dry dock.

Dry docking of super yacht. Hull Damage.

Major Repairs and dry docking of semi sub.

Docking tug / off shore supply vessel

Dry docking and modification of super hopper dredger. Heavy lift off undewater pump frame.

General dry docking of carrier, special survey and general repairs.